About Foundation Wealth

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Every cent you earn needs to work for you. The principle that your money should work for you is crucial to wealth creation. People are growing older thanks to improvements in medical science we need to rethink our retirement planning and wealth management. Having a “traditional” retirement annuity with an insurer just doesn’t make any sense. New style products are far superior. Did you know that you may legally transfer retirement annuity funds without any tax implications? Changing jobs? Don’t transfer your current pension to the new employer’s pension fund. Transfer to a preservation fund where you can be in control of your money.

Our personalized approach requires an understanding of our clients’ investment objectives, risk appetite and specific financial situation.We make sure that your money works optimally for you. Our extensive experience in both the insurance and financial markets industry combines well to give you the best possible advice and fund management.

We Advocate Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity create and preserve trust – they are cornerstones of any healthy relationship.

We Respect Our Clients

Mutual respect is a critical aspect of constructive and fruitful relationships between advisor and clients.

We Aim For Excellence

The trust and respect we cherish requires demonstrated excellence on our part.

We Support Accountability

Rewarding interactions require all involved to take full responsibility and accept accountability for their actions.


We Care About Our Clients

True care and concern for others benefits us all.